Alexander F. Müller

New Music

through Improvisation
to composition


I always perceived the phrase „half of your life is improvisation“ had some truth in it. And in fact my music derives from the active experience of a moment in time.


It is like an invitation to step into a new now and here, which requires courage and the openness to leave the common paths.


The reward is to encounter yourself in a different way and to have sharpened your senses. Feel welcome to try it through my music!


New Babylon


As a co-founder of the Ensemble New Babylon I would like to advert to the various exciting activities of this extraordinary ensemble for contempary music.

The Ensemble New Babylon was founded November 2012 with its debut concert at Weserburg Museum for contemporary art Bremen under the patronage of Bremen’s major Jens Böhrnsen. It is aiming on re-establishing New Music in the cultural life of Bremen and beyond. The name is referring to the idea of gathering people of several backgrounds in order to share the experience of discovering the Unknowm and the New. It is a main desire of this internationally compound ensemble to care for tolerance and understanding in regard to „the other“ by relying on the emotional impact of music. Serving as an example for a peaceful, professional and successful collaboration this group of musicians redresses prejudices of any cultural or political background.